Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who Invented The First Computer?

According to reliable sources, the Abacus was invented in 2400 BC by the Babylonians. Then in 1837, Charles Babbage had an idea for the Analytical Engine. It was designed to be powered by a steam engine.

The ENIAC, which was made in the US in 1943, is often referred to as the first useful electronic computer. It was used in World War II and consumed a lot of electricity.

Then in June 1951, The UNIVAC I, was delivered to the US Census Bureau. It was the first mass produced electronic computer made in the USA. In it were thousands of vacuum tubes and it also required a lot of electricity to power it. Each one cost more than 1 million dollars.

Today, computers and computer chips are everywhere, in cars, phones and even your iPod. Smaller chips make it possible to integrate several devices into one. As a result, devices like GPSs which were previously only available standalone are now found in cell phones and similar electronics.

So who invented the first computer? The answer is, many people did and no one person deserves to be credited. The invention was such a huge paradigm shift that many people contributed to its birth and progress in its early years and even today.

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